Storm of Sedition is an anti-civilization anarchist crust-punk band from British Columbia, Canada. The band formed in 2011 with the intention of bringing a different perspective into the punk milieu that is so often dominated by cliché, limiting, reformist and leftist rhetoric. Through our music, we express our hatred of civilization and promote the abandonment of all notions of reform and progress.

Rarely do "political" bands go beyond questioning capitalism and the state. Often they push leftist-anarchist ideas that serve only to reproduce the social machine and channel people's rage in pacified, single issues that can be easily managed and recuperated by the system. This is unfortunate because we attribute all the issues often talked about in the punk scene such as war, ecological devastation, and various forms of domination and oppression, to be inherent characteristics of civilization, not things that can be done away with by means of activism, positive social projects, or identity politics. With an anti-political approach that attacks mass-society itself along with all its social and political institutions, we avoid the traps and pitfalls of activism and traditional anarchism and the fixation with the reform, rearrangement, and re management of civilization and it's various apparatuses.

Civilization attempts to domesticate, crush, and control both our body and spirit. If we want to break free, we must avert and attack the dominant civilized culture itself, with its many reifications and abstractions, its humanist, reason based thinking, and it's confining morality and ideologies. We must think regionally, and effectively strategize how to fight back against the seemingly endless technologization, urbanization, and industrialization happening around us. Towards an undomesticated, feral existence!